Bench system in London Ontario

Space. Every grower is obsessed with it. I'm not talking about the interstellar cosmos, I'm talking about floor space, square footage. How can I get more of it? How can I use what I have to its fullest potential? What will it cost me? To a grower, square footage represents both profit and cost, but with the DeCloet bench system in London Ontario, you can maximize the former while saving on the latter.

DeCloet has a number of bench systems that will maximize your greenhouses floor space and profit potential. Our traditional stationary benches are perfect for growers that need access to plants while maximizing growing space. Our rolling style benches can help you use nearly all of the space in your greenhouse, eliminating any wasted surface area on walkways. Whatever type you need, DeCloet has you covered.

Our benches are fast and easy to assemble but don't sacrifice when it comes to durability and load bearing strength. With aluminum rails, galvanized frames and mesh top surface, our benches can take on the heaviest crop requirements. All of our benches feature our individual "easy level” leg system, ensuring that the benches conform to your workspace and not the other way around. 

Get the most out of your floor space. DeCloet's bench system in London Ontario is guaranteed to provide you with years of trouble-free service that will maximize your operation's potential! Call us today and get growing with DeCloet!