Benches in Hamilton

Benches might not seem like the hottest topic to talk about, I mean, they're just shelves to put plants on, right? Not quite! Experienced growers know that a greenhouse's bench system can make or break a season, and when it comes to benches in the Hamilton area, you can't find better than DeCloet's!

A greenhouse's profitability is directly related to how efficiently you're able to utilize the growing space available. More space equals more plants, equals a higher return for the season. If you want to really maximize the space available, you'll want to invest in a quality benching system that capitalizes on as much growing space as possible, while still being comfortable and easy to use.

At DeCloet, we offer a variety of benching systems. From traditional stationary benches that offer dependable, affordable use, to rolling-style benches that absolutely maximize on every square inch available, its hard to go wrong. All of our benches can be surface mounted to the floor for customizable positioning, or set into concrete if you plan on using the same set-up for years to come. All our tables feature our individual "easy level” leg system that allows for easy adjustments and completely level growing conditions, no pooling here!

Fast and easy to install and built to last with galvanized frames and mesh top surfaces, you won't find better benches in Hamilton. See for yourself why so many growers across Ontario trust in DeCloet, give us a call today.