Cathedral Series greenhouse in London Ontario

At DeCloet, we pride ourselves on our ability to scale for any size of operation. By working with and listening to growers of all sizes from all aspects of the industry, from heavy commercial operations to small nurseries, we've been able to innovate and create solutions growers love. But sometimes, you just have to go big! Our Cathedral series greenhouse in London Ontario represents the ultimate in greenhouse design.

With a massive steeped roof, hot-dipped galvanized steel construction and multiple purlins, the cathedral series greenhouse is a sight to behold. Designed to be used in combination with standard DeCloet gutter connected greenhouses, the cathedral can work with your existing houses to make the ultimate production or retail facility.

Not only is it visually stunning, the cathedral is also an engineering accomplishment. Designed to meet or exceed all building code requirements, its sturdy design will provide for many years of maintenance free, high yield growing. Fully customizable, it is available with single or double roof vents, customized gutter height to your specifications, and plenty of room for whatever bench system you decide to go with.

Whether you are searching for an impressive design to draw customers to your retail location, or simply need all the room you can get for your production facility, DeCloet’ s cathedral series greenhouse in London Ontario will more than suit your needs. Contact a DeCloet representative today about this premium greenhouse today.