An industry Favorite DeCloet Freestanding and cold frame greenhouses are affordable and versatile structures. With a huge variety of options and sizes available, these greenhouses are practical and easy to assemble.

DeCloet offers the following series of freestanding / cold frame houses.

                  Growers Choice – 30' and 35'widths

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Excellent for both growing and as a retail house, this is by far our most popular and versatile greenhouse and also far stronger than anything else on the market, featuring all welded truss style hoops in the roof, with taller side sidewalls. Designed for a larger number of hanging baskets than any other.
                              Cropmaster – 34' / 35' width
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One of our favorites, this house was originally developed for large scale production of plant seedlings and vegetable production, many growers are now using this for growing all types of plants and crops. This house features a 5' to 7' sidewall with heavy duty 2" x 4" rectangular posts.
                      Sunmaster – 24', 27' and 30' widths
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Used as both a cold frame and grower house, this series represents our most practical and cost effective greenhouse, comes with our exclusive Oval tubing for the roof and a full selection of options.

                             Norfolk 18', 20' and 22' widths
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A very practical cold frame, often used as a grower house. Quonset design with peak to shed snow, available with 3 roof purlins, these houses are quick and easy to install and still have a good snow capacity.