DeCloet offers its clients the widest selection of greenhouse ventilation in the industry. We are ventilation experts and can offer you the latest in technology and advise to find the best solution for your growing needs.

Forced Air Ventilation

Fans, Shutters & Cooling Pads – We offer a full range of fans, shutters and cooling pads.

Passive Ventilation

Roof Vent

We have the leading edge technology for gutter vents in the greenhouse industry. We offer raised rack and pinion systems to ensure plenty of room for heat retention systems as well as hinged shaft hangers for easy maintenance in your gutter connected or ground to ground greenhouse.

Raised Roof Vent (Off the Gutter)

DeCloet offers a condensate resistant "raised" vent design to increase passive roof ventilation and alleviate snow in gutter concerns.

Roll-Up Vent

Our most cost efficient passive ventilation system with DeCloet's own 2 1/3" dia roll-up tubing with a built in wirelock.

Drop Down Vents

Ventilate from the top down for early season ventilation.

Double Poly Sidewall Vents

Cost effective sidewall ventilation

Hard Cover Sidewall Vent

Effective and attractive sidewall venting

Sliding Hard Cover Sidewall Vent

Effective ventilation for use when an interior drive system is not feasible

Horizontal Hard Cover Sliding Sidewall Vent

Effective sidewall ventilation for larger vertical openings with no interior drive system