Cold Frame in Toronto

Looking to up your growing game? If you are a small or moderately sized grower looking to expand to something a little bigger, what you need is a DeCloet cold frame. In Toronto and the rest of Southern Ontario, you won't find a better value for small growers with ambition.

A cold frame is an entry level greenhouse, perfect for small operations looking to expand. It gets the name "cold frameā€ due to the fact that they are naturally heated, relying on solar gain and natural heat conservation to keep plants nice and comfortable. The benefit of this is a greatly extended growing season, the ability to plant your crops earlier in the cooler end of the spring, and without incurring the cost of a heating system. Perfect for smaller growers looking to add more crops to their operation without a big cost, or for hobby growers looking to go pro. 

But don't think that just because they're for smaller growers that we take them any less seriously than our large commercial greenhouses like the Venlo or our gutter connected designs! Our cold frames are are constructed to the same high manufacturing standards as our commercial houses and with the same materials. High quality coverings, heady duty ground stakes, additional purlins and optional metal endwall frames, a DeCloet cold frame is designed to last.

Our cold frames really are the last word in greenhouse value. They provide commercial growing conditions at a fraction of the price of a larger design. When you want to upgrade your operation with a freestanding cold frame in Toronto, the choice is clear, DeCloet is the name to call.