Control Systems in London Ontario

When I was a kid, my older brother always made me play the part of the super villain. If he was G.I Joe, I was Cobra, he was Superman, I was Lex Luthor. Maybe that's why I've always had an obsession with doomsday weapons like the Weather Dominator. The idea of bending nature to my whims has never quite lost it's appeal to me. While I might never get to cackle with triumphant glee as a typhoon wipes out the Justice League, DeClote's greenhouse control systems in London Ontario at least let me get a taste of that power.

Maintaining the environment and stability of the greenhouse is a grower's most pressing concern. You need to be able to identify the exact conditions of every square foot in your greenhouse and make adjustments based on that information. DeClote sources control systems from a variety of the most trusted names in the business to make sure your greenhouse can respond to any change in the climate.

Every growing environment is different and growers are going to have different needs. At DeClote, we listen to our growers and with your help we can install a control system that is custom fit to suit all your needs. We'll make sure your heating, cooling, and ventilation systems all work in concert with each other to effciently and effectively provide uniform growing conditions exactly as you need them. 

Get growing the smart way, with a DeCloet installed greenhouse control system! In London Ontario and beyond, we've helped growers achieve their goals since 1986 and we'll be happy to help you too!