Convertible in Hamilton

When I was a young man, I used to dream of owning a convertible. I wanted one all red and chrome with a giant engine block under the hood. Well, to be honest, I still do, but my tastes have changed. Now when I think about the convertible in Hamilton I want, it's mostly plastic with a steel frame with a bunch of healthy growing plants under the hood. 

Whether you run a commercial growing operation with a few extra sensitive plants, or are a backyard hobbyist looking to step up your growing game, a convertible greenhouse may be just what you're looking for. Small, easy to install, and infinitely useful, a good convertible greenhouse can help extend your growing season by a few months on both ends of the calendar or help pull through a nasty cold snap. 

Convertibles, as the name suggest, are designed to be modular and temporary. They can be freestanding structures, or attach to the side of an existing greenhouse or building to deploy and stow as required. But that temporary nature doesn't mean we don't hold them to the same manufacturing standards as everything else. No, our convertible greenhouses are made with the same film awnings and steel frame construction we use in full sized houses, ensuring year after year of profitable and fun use.

Our convertibles in Hamilton can help you get the most of the season with incredibly cost effective and easy to install package. Call us today for details!