Convertible in London Ontario

At DeClote, we're committed to helping growers of all sizes and scales get the most out of their harvests. Big or small, we're there for you. So when an unseasonable cold snap threatens your small garden, consider a convertible greenhouse! In London Ontario and beyond, we've been helping small and hobby growers protect their gardens with these easy to install and extremely affordable mini-greenhouse solutions!

The DeClote convertible greenhouse makes protecting your small garden a snap. Easy to install, a standard greenhouse film awning is stretched over the sides and top of your garden, protecting it from wind and frost, extending your growing season. While the convertible is light and easy to manage, it still lives up to the manufacturing standards and durability that DeClote is known for. All our frames are made from hot dipped galvanized steel to ensure a rust-free lifespan of dependable use no matter what the conditions are like.

Our convertibles can be freestanding or easily attach to the side of an existing building, allowing for flexibility wherever you need it. Easy to stow and easy to deploy, our convertibles in London Ontario are a lifesaver for the small or hobby grower that needs to protect a few delicate plants or wants to push their growing season into the fall. Call us today for details and a no obligation quote!