Crop Tunnel in London Ontario

Don't leave money on the table! In our 30 years of designing and manufacturing premium greenhouses, we've known more than a few small growers who need to capitalize on short growing seasons to make as much profit as they can, folks who sell their stock before June 1st and roll up their operations before September. It's a hard business, if you miss your window or it isn't as profitable as expected, it can be a hard blow. But we have a solution - Crop tunnels! In London Ontario, every growing week counts, and our custom designed crop tunnels will let you extend your operations well into the frosty months!

Cheap, convenient, easy to install, and with excellent frost protection, it's only a matter of time before every small grower out there catches on. Crop tunnels are a fantastic modular solution to extend your growing season and expand your operations. Our multi-connected design means you can expand your business at your own pace while always having the option to attach more if you feel they would be worthwhile (and you will!)

With low overhead and optional heating requirements, crop tunnels are ideal for organic crops and sustainable growing practices. Cold-hardy crops such as lettuce and spinach can be planted more than a month earlier than without the use of tunnels, giving you a head start on the growing season and freeing up the house for other crops, maximizing the profit potential of your growing space. 

The life of a small grower can be tough, but DeCloet crop tunnels in London Ontario can help ease the burden! How many times have you cursed that one more week in the growing season would have made all the difference? Call us today, and our crop tunnels can give you months.