Environmental Systems in London Ontario

A grower needs to be prepared for whatever nature throws at them. While shading, ventilation, and lighting can all be used to bump the ambient temperature up or down a few degrees, depending on the local environment and how fragile the plants you're growing are that may not be enough. That's why you need a strong environmental systems. In London Ontario and all through Southern Ontario, the name to call for when you need to cool off or heat things up is DeCloet Greenhouse. 

A good environmental system lets you provide a uniform temperature for your plants as efficiently as possible. Every bit of power consumed keeping your plants healthy and growing strong represents a cost. At DeClote, we do everything we can to customize your greenhouse's environmental controls and conditions so you can make a strong return on that investment.

We offer all the leading brands in control systems, including PRIVA, Link 4, and ARGUS. Combined with intelligent design that gets the most out of shade, natural ventilation, and solar gain, we can create the ideal conditions for your plants while keeping the conditions in your pocketbook copacetic as well. 

Your plants deserve the best environment to grow in that they can get! Call today about environmental systems in London Ontario and see how easy and affordable it can be to take control of the elements.