Garden Retail in London Ontario

Every business is different. Different customers, different needs, different inventory. So why try to shape your business around premade garden retail center? DeCloet Greenhouse Manufacturing has been designing customized garden centers since 1986, helping retailers achieve their dream vision of the perfect garden center for them. When you are thinking about your garden retail operation in London Ontario, don't settle for second best, get a DeCloet design.

Our expert staff of experienced greenhouse designers and constructors will help you plan and build your garden center from start to finish. By working together - listening to your needs and ideas, and sharing our design expertise and knowledge – you won't just have a functional little retail patch to sell plants from, you'll have a garden retail center you can be proud of. One that will turn customer's heads!

DeCloet has been in business for over 30 years. In that time, we've been privileged to work with garden retailers across the country. You don't spend that long working with retailers without learning a few tricks. We know how to make a garden center that will entice customers, get people talking, and still be functional for seasonal staff to operate and maintain. With our high manufacturing standards, you can rest assured that your garden center will be able to take whatever nature, and careless customers, can throw at it. 

If you're planing on doing garden retail in London Ontario this year, look to the company that will give your business the edge. Don't just settle for having a garden center this year, have your garden center, exactly the way you imagine it. Call today for a no obligations quote.