Greenhouse in Hamilton

The history of greenhouses stretches back into antiquity. While the exact records are not clear, there is evidence to suggest that even the ancient Romans used them! Emperor Tiberius had a taste for seasonable vegetables and demanded access to them every single day, regardless of the weather, and he got them thanks to some forward thinking engineers of the day. We'd like to think we've learned a few things since those days, and when you need a greenhouse in Hamilton, you're sure to appreciate what a few thousand years of refinement and innovation can do.

At DeCloet, we believe in a marriage of form and function. By combining the most innovative idea of European design with the toughest manufacturing standards of North American steelwork, we create greenhouses that truly are a step above the rest. Beautiful, open, and easy to work in, but tough as nails and ready to stand up to the hardest conditions. It's work we're proud of.

When designing a greenhouse, we work with our growers to identify their exact needs and start from there. Everything is designed with the grower in mind, how to make the best greenhouse possible for them, provide the most space, the best lighting, the greatest yields. 

All of our structures are built to our lofty internal standards, meeting or exceeding every building code and standard. With 11 gauge steel construction and your choice of poly or tempered glass windows, you can trust a DeCloet to stand the test of time and not fade into history like Emperor Tiberius' early efforts.

If you need a greenhouse in Hamilton, turn to the name more growers trust. Call us today and we'll set-up a no obligation quote so you can see for yourself what a value a DeCloet greenhouse really is.