Gutter Connect in Hamilton

Gutter connect greenhouses get their name from their design. With angled roofs and a purposely modular design that allows for easy future expansion, gutter connect greenhouses attach to each other by the gutter on the ends of the roof. What does that mean for the grower? Not too much, just the best value possible for a grower who wants to make the most of their space and season. Whether your looking to expand, or to establish a strong foundation for your business, you can't go wrong with our gutter connect houses in Hamilton.

Running a growing business can be hard, and we all need to find the best value and return on investment we can when we spend money. For a commercial grower, that means a DeCloet gutter connect greenhouse. They do everything a mid to large size operation could want. They're easy to construct and install, perfect for future expansion should the need arise, and customizable to your exact growing needs. 

They're also tough, a feature owing to our manufacturing process. With a cold-rolled steel construction and heavy duty 11 gauge gutters, our houses are built to last. You can count on years and years of profitable growing with a minimal amount of maintenance. We're proud to stand behind our houses because we know they are the best in the business.

For the commercial grower who needs it all, affordable, versatile, and reliable, DeCloet's gutter connect houses in Hamilton are the clear choice. Call us today!