Cold Frame in Hamilton

While it's easy to think of greenhouses as a modern invention, their use can be traced back to the time of the ancient Romans, and one of the oldest types of greenhouse in existence is the humble cold frame. From ancient Rome to medieval Europe, to your backyard today in Hamilton, the cold frame has enjoyed a long and storied career. With a simple, effective, and time tested design, it's easy to see why!

Cold frames are unheated (hence the name) greenhouse solutions that are typically used to extend the growing season by allowing growers to plant seedlings earlier in the season, and grow cold hearty plants longer into the fall and winter, even when it gets frosty. They can also be used to overwinter dormant plants in a safe and natural environment, making them a flexible and efficient addition to any small operation or garden.

At DeCloet, our cold frames are affordable and designed for small growers and hobbyists looking to extend their growing season. But, that doesn't mean we don't hold them to the same high manufacturing and construction standards tha we hold the rest of our products to! Our cold frames are made with the same heavy gauge steel and attention to detail as our cathedral and venlo models. 

Become part of the tradition, join the long line of growers who have achieved success with cold frame greenhouses. In Hamilton and all through Southern Ontario, growers know that DeCloet offers the last word in value and quality, producing fantastic houses that will serve you for years. Call us today for a free quote!