Crop Tunnel in Hamilton

Crop tunnels, sometimes referred to as high tunnels or polytunnels, are some of the most affordable and efficient greenhouse solutions out there. These marvels rely on high-tech materials and old-fashion solar heating to provide ideal growing climates for a variety of crops. They've been so successful at increasing yields and providing stable growing environments that the USDA in America launched an initiative to supply farmers in some areas with them to jump-start the local food economy (and it worked!)

The strength of the crop tunnel is in it's cost to value ratio. Easy to install, cheaper than more traditional greenhouse solutions, and providing excellent growing conditions and high yields, it's a system that guarantees a strong return on investment. 

Based on classic principals of solar radiation collection, crop tunnels create an environment with a higher temperature and humidity than the natural conditions. That's a given, what is impressive about a crop tunnel system is that it also allows you to take control of every other factor that might have an impact on a crop. Intense heat can be managed, bright sunlight, natural damaging factors such as high winds, hail, and inconsistent frosts. Crop tunnels offer a ton of control and protection at a minimal price. 

With a modular design that is easy to add on to or customize, your growing operation can scale with your success! Find out for yourself why growers across the continent are adopting the crop tunnel system. In Hamilton and anywhere else in Ontario, DeCloet is here to help you grow!