Open Roof Style in Hamilton

If you're looking for the most natural growing environment possible for your crops, you should consider an DeCloet open roof style greenhouse in Hamilton. You won't find a better "best of both worlds” solution anywhere else.

The beauty of an open roof style greenhouse is that it provides the best advantages of a natural growing habitat, while providing all the safety and protection of a conventional greenhouse design. DeCloet's open roof greenhouses allow for natural ventilation and air flow, unparalleled light exposure, and a comfortable work environment. Studies have shown that plants nursed in more natural environments are heartier and more likely to survive transportation and replanting, an ideal trait for many crops and flowers. 

At the same time, the roof can be quickly closed to protect against inclement conditions. Condensation and humidity can be easily controlled, and an open roof greenhouse can be outfitted with all the control and heating systems regular greenhouses can, resulting in an unequaled ability to tweak the conditions just right!

Every grower wants to provide their crops with ideal growing conditions at all times. With an DeCloet open roof style greenhouse in Hamilton, that goal is within your reach! See what a difference DeCloet can make to your operation. Call us today for a no obligation quote.