Ventilation System in Hamilton

Do you remember those commercials for the Lung Association? To raise awareness about issues like asthma and tuberculous they'd have those slightly scary commercials about not being able to catch your breath and would end with the tag-line "when you can't breath, nothing else matters.” Well, the same goes for your plants. Without proper air circulation, all the light, water and properly tweaked temperature you've arranged for won't mean a thing. Your plants need a proper ventilation system, and in Hamilton and the rest of Ontario, DeCloet is the name to call.

DeCloet is proud to offer the widest selection of quality greenhouse ventilation systems in the industry. Whether you are running a huge greenhouse like one of our magnificent cathedral series designs, an efficient series of crop tunnels for a huge commercial yield, or just a humble backyard cold frame, we have a ventilation system that will scale to your operation.

It's easy to focus on providing the right temperature or lighting conditions for your plants. Those are the things we can see and feel ourselves most easily. But don't underestimate the importance of air flow and circulation for a plants health, it can be every bit as important as sunshine and water. Good air flow can help stave off diseases and fungal growths, encourage heartiness, and prepare plants for transport and replanting. Good ventilation can make all the difference between a hearty and healthy yield, and a wimpy and withered bust!

It may sound odd, but your plants need to breath! Call a DeCloet representative today about a ventilation system for your Hamilton area greenhouse.