Open roof style greenhouse in London Ontario

Some growers want it all. They want a natural growing environment coupled with complete protection against adverse weather conditions. Is that too much to ask? At DeCloet, we don't think so! You can have it all with our open roof style greenhouses. In London Ontario and beyond, we've been impressing growers with our cutting edge open roof series and we're sure you'll be impressed too.

The open roof greenhouse lets plants bask in sun while allowing for complete freedom of air circulation, just like they would outdoors. The result is crops conditioned by the environment, promoting hearty plants that are better equipped to deal with transport and transfer. In adverse conditions however, the roof can be easily and quickly closed to protect the plants.

Our open roof style greenhouses are customizable to your needs. We have alternative roof opening designs depending on what you, the grower, needs. Construction can be accomplished with polycarbonate, glass, or double poly roof glazing. All of our open roof options are designed to meet building code requirements as well as your needs!

Your plants can have it all! Ideal growing conditions at all times and a maximum of natural light and ventilation is possible. All you need is a DeCloet open roof style greenhouse in London Ontario. Call today for a no obligation quote.