Shade System in London Ontario

Growers need to be able to take control of every element of their environment. But as energy costs mount and the climate becomes more unpredictable, manually adjusting the temperature and conditions of your greenhouse is only getting more expensive. With a DeCloet shade system in London Ontario however, you can adjust the conditions in your greenhouse for a fraction of the cost.

Shade systems can be a lifesaver for any grower. Easily installed in almost any existing operation, a good shade system maximizes your savings while giving you control of the growing environment. Heat and light can be fine tuned depending on conditions while the screens also help to manage humidity and air conditions. 

For sensitive crops, shades can be used to dynamically manage light exposure. Both roof and side rollers are available so you can customize and adjust your growing conditions any way you want. When stowed away, our design tucks away into the smallest roll possible to ensure that they don't block any light when unwanted. 

Don't let high energy costs sabotage your growing operation. Our shade system in London Ontario provides an environmental and cost conscious solution to your heating and cooling needs. Contact us today and get growing with DeCloet!