Venlo in Hamilton

When it comes to greenhouse designs, the Venlo is a classic, and with good reason. It's one of the most reliable, elegant greenhouse designs ever made and it's been a reliable favorite for discerning growers for years. At DeCloet though, we're not content to settle for something that's good when it could be great. When you need a venlo in Hamilton, only a DeCloet designed and manufactured one will really give you the best value for your dollar.

The secret is in the manufacturing process. We don't stamp parts out or settle for anything less than the highest quality. A DeCloet venlo is made with a hot dipped galvanized steel structure. No rust, no wear, no metal fatigue, these frames can stand up to the toughest conditions without batting an eye, providing the grower with years of maintenance and hassle free use.

The windows of our venlo are made with tempered glass and an aluminum glazing system, providing  maximum lighting while maintaining a rock solid construction. The best of European design and North American engineering, a match made in heaven.

Our venlo is available in a variety of sizes and customization options to make sure you're getting the exact greenhouse you need. When the time comes to expand, don't trust your crops to anything less than the best, get a DeCloet venlo in Hamilton. One of our expert designers would love to discuss the details with you, so give us a call!