Venlo in Toronto

The Venlo style greenhouse is the cream of the crop (so to speak). When your business needs a reliable, elegant design that will provide years of hassle free premium growing, we are proud to stand beside our venlo in Toronto as the best possible option available. 

Our world standard Venlo design is one of the toughest in the business. With a tempered glass roof and aluminum glazing system, supported by a hot dipped galvanized steel structure, the Venlo can withstand the nastiest mother nature has to throw at it without being any worse for wear. 

Not just tough, its also functional. The Venlo combines the best of European design with North American engineering. What you get is the best possible union of performance and cost. The Venlo provides a maximum of growing space, light transmission, and protection for years and years at an affordable cost. 

When you're serious about getting the best value for your commercial growing enterprise, you need a DeCloet Venlo greenhouse. In Toronto, and anywhere else in Southern Ontario, you won't find a better combination of value and performance. Call us today for a free quote that is sure to impress!