Ventilation System in London Ontario

Try holding your breath for 30 seconds. Can you do it? Can you make it to 40? How long before you start turning red and gasping? It's an uncomfortable thing to test even in the comfort of your own home knowing you can take a breath at any point! All living things need air to live, even plants. So don't starve them of the oxygen they so desperately need, invest in a DeCloet ventilation system in London Ontario for your greenhouse and keep your plants healthy and happy!

DeCloet offers its clients the widest selection of greenhouse ventilation systems in the industry. We have ventilation systems to suit any kind of greenhouse, crop tunnel, or cold frame you can imagine, with demonstrable benefits to growth yield and health. We are ventilation experts, and with the latest in technology and our expert knowledge, we can find the best and most affordable solution for your greenhouse!

When it comes to roof vents, we offer raised rack and pinion systems to ensure plenty of room for heat retention systems. To make maintenance in your gutter connected greenhouse easier, we offer hinged shaft hangers. We also offer raised roof solutions. These passive roof ventilation systems are condensation resistant and help avoid snow in gutter worries! Our most cost efficient system however would be our roll-up vent, an easy to use system that comes at a minimum cost.

That's not all, we have drop down vents, hard cover sidewall vents, sliding hard cover sidewall vents for when an interior drive system just won't work with your operation, and many more! Like I said, we can scale for any size of operation. DeCloet is the last word in ventilation systems in London Ontario!